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GAMES for January 31, 2015 

  Mt. Zion Grade School 11:00a  12:00p   3rd/4th Boys Farm Rockets  Game  Raptors      
    12:00p  1:00p    > 3rd/4th Boys Farm>  Pacers  Game  Wizards         
    1:00p  2:00p    > 3rd/4th Boys Farm>  Suns  Game  Mavericks         
    2:00p  3:00p    > 3rd/4th Boys Farm>  Celtics  Game  Pistons         



3:00p  4:00p    > 3rd/4th Boys Farm>  Lakers  Game  Spurs         

Mt. Zion Intermediate  1:00p  2:00p    >5th/6th Boys Farm>  Magic  Game  Bulls         
  2:00p  3:00p    >5th/6th Boys Farm>  Jazz  Game  Knicks         
  3:00p  4:00p    >5th/6th Boys Farm>  Hornets  Game  Nets         
  4:00p  5:00p    >5th/6th Boys Farm>  Kings  Game  Heat   






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Mt. Zion Grade School - Mt. Zion TBD (1/29) 
Mt. Zion Intermediate - Mt. Zion TBD (1/29)